Striped Carpets

Striped Carpets for the Home


Last month we looked at the colour of flooring in the workspace and how thankfully things are changing for the better with the introduction of bold colour schemes. This month, we consider colourful carpets for the home – particularly striped carpet.

…there is a wonderful world of colour out there!

Over the last few years, grey has become the new black when it comes to keeping your carpet colour on-trend. It provides a blank backdrop for furniture and ornaments. We are not knocking grey at all, as we love it at Archway Carpets, but there is a wonderful world of colour out there, and it tends to come out best – more often than not – on striped carpet.

Dimensions Plain Stripe (Wimbledon) - Brockway Carpets

As a rule, striped carpet makes for an excellent hallway or stair carpet as the stripes lead the eye through the home. As we will see, the possibilities can extend throughout the home.

How Much Striped Carpet?

Utilising stripes throughout the whole house however might be, for some, a little too much – if not wildly adventurous. Another option would be to possibly have one area of the house, or room, where expression through colour and design is allowed to flourish.

It is hallways, as we've already mentioned that you tend to find stripes and there are a lot of examples for this area - as well as on the stairs.

Cavalier Carpets - Spectrum Strata

We start with, the Spectrum Strata by Cavalier Carpets. If you wish to make an immediate impact on your visitors, this carpet will do the job and then some. Reminiscent of Paul Smith's signature striped design, the stripes are small and tightly packed. With its audacious design, surrounding walls need to be ideally white, or similar, and any ornaments or artwork kept to a minimum.

Carnaby - Brockway Carpets

Moving into the lounge (or front room), we have Brockway Carpets' Carnaby. Inspired by the London street, Carnaby feels inherently British with its red, white and blues. It is bold, to say the least. Done well, it can work well with old leather chairs, battleship green walls and artwork conjuring up a Britain of the past.

Adam Carpets - Deckchair

Before we move upstairs, let's have a quick look at another striped example. This time, we have the holiday inspired Deckchair carpet by Adam Carpets. Just like the chair it takes its name from, it is strong on colour and very bold in the classic thick stripes. The colour scheme shouts sun, sea and sand and could get anyone through the harshest of winters.

Portofino Rosso - Brockway Carpets

Going upstairs, we are greeted with the light and airy Portofino Rosso design, again by Brockway Carpets. If your hallway doesn't have a lot of natural light, this may be a good option for lighting up the space.

Crucial Trading - Audrey (Sunrise)

Moving onto the bedrooms, we have another spectacular example of stripes with Crucial Trading's Audrey range of carpets. Unlike, Brockway's Carnaby, which is a one-off, Crucial sell a total of eight colour combinations in this style. As the image shows, it would work well in either an adult's or child's bedroom. Staying with the latter, we have an exciting variation on the stripe with Adam Carpets' Panache Boutique. The candy coloured pallet lends itself to a child's bedroom while also being a lot of fun.

Adam Carpets - Panache Boutique

If our house was real, our visitor might now be overwhelmed by the cornucopia of colour and need a cup of tea and a sit-down. So let's return them to the lounge to sit in the soft brown leather chairs with their socked feet resting on the Carnaby carpet.

We hope you have enjoyed our short look into all things stripes. As we edge closer to winter and the dark nights it brings, stripes are a fun and bright way of keeping those winter blues at bay. If there is anything here that has caught your eye, then please get in touch, and we'd be happy to discuss stripes, plains and patterns with you.