What Colour is Your Office Flooring?

Now here’s a question: Can you remember the colour of your office flooring at your last job? Like most, you’d probably struggle to recall the hues and tones. Offices are functional. The focus tends to be on the tools (desks, computers, meeting rooms) to carry out the job at hand.


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However, people are now opening up to seeing the workspace as part of the team. A space that needs love and attention  - like the staff. Commercial flooring for the 21st Century.

Improving a workspace by encouraging movement (and rest); improving air quality; getting the temperature right and using colour makes staff happier and productive. 


Is your office your happy place?

Thankfully, there are commercial flooring companies who are moving with the times. Colour palettes are becoming bolder and more thought is now given to how coloured flooring can be used to create different areas for different tasks.

Commercial Flooring for the 21st Century

AP_Salt_8102 (1).jpg

Cool & Calm: Office Flooring by Desso

You don’t have to be a funky start-up business to utilise colour. Colour is available to all kinds of businesses. Then there is colour psychology to consider with certain colours communicating emotions: blue = calmness, and green = health and tranquillity. 

If you are business with a reception, what colour would work best? If you are a dental practice then blue might be a good idea. If your business wishes to communicate enthusiasm and excitement, why not orange?

Yellow Flooring Anyone?


JHS Carpets: Tretford Carpet Tiles

Now for some, a vast expanse of yellow might be a little on the extreme side, plus, it can make babies cry believe it or not. So an alternative would be to bring the colour in as part of a design or in conjunction with a more subdued base colour like grey. At JHS Carpets, they sell their Tretford carpet tiles in a vast array of colours. It means, you can utilise their colours to make a pattern throughout your workspace or just in certain areas. You might even want to use your own brand colours!

Note: We also offer a service where we can work your company logo into a carpet. Please get in touch for more details.


Good Morning! Desso’s Carpet Tiles (Palatino)

If you are, however, a creative business or your an established law or insurance business wishing to challenge the norm then you could push the envelope with the above striking example by Desso. Whether this flooring was at your last job, or further down the CV, you would have a hard time forgetting these. 

Working From Home?


The Purple One

With people working from home continuing to grow, what then for the office at home? The same rules apply, albeit with more freedom. If you love purple then working from home allows you to listen to Prince with purple carpet and flooring underfoot. With colour psychology suggesting this colour is all about royalty, wealth and success, it might be all the motivation you need.  


Nothing short of Fabulous! Crucial Trading

That freedom for creating your perfect home workspace could also extend to something like this from Crucial Trading. It’s from their aptly named Fabulous Collection (Ruby).

So whether your an office wanting to inspire your staff or a retail space looking to make an impact, we hope we have inspired you. We started this piece with a question and we end it with another:

What colour, or colours, will you choose for your next office carpet?