Celebrating Unnatural Flooring


At Archway Carpets we're always on the lookout for new products and a recent find for us is something called Unnatural Flooring. Now, it's somewhat odd to find the word 'Unnatural' in any product name as it is usually the opposite that is celebrated. However, on this occasion, it works, and if you read on, you will understand why.

Unnatural Flooring has the look and feel of natural Sisal, Jute and Seagrass.

Their flooring is made from tough, durable and easy to clean vinyl and Polypropylene. It means you can throw the usual suspects at this floor: wine, mud, chewing gum, oil and paint which can all be cleaned off with water or spirits. Family homes need not worry. Unnatural Flooring can withstand any slings or arrows children can through at it, or any amounts of mud brought in from the garden. What's more, no one need dispense with style and vibrant design to do so.


The look & feel of naturally-made plant or wool based flooring

With this kind of durability, opportunities open up to lay their flooring where other carpets fear to tread. Vinyl is not only durable, it's waterproof, which means it's perfect for bathrooms. For those who want something softer underfoot when they come out of the shower, this is perfect.

Unnatural Flooring goes where no flooring has gone before.

Continuing in this theme, Unnatural Flooring can go where no flooring has gone before. Whether you have a patio, a hot tub or a pool, an Unnatural Flooring rug is a great choice. Because its are so hard-wearing, it can be jet-washed.


Perfect for patios, pools and hot tubs

Not content with producing one of the most durable floorings on the market, Unnatural Flooring, provide their coverings in both natural shades and a range of striking colours. When we say striking, we mean it as seen below in this beautiful rug for a kitchen.


Making a Statement!

Their flooring is not only proving popular in the home but also in work and public places with their products being the flooring of choice for hotels (The Dorchester) and commercial workspaces (Apple Inc).

If you're tired of tiles in the bathroom; want something softer underfoot when outside, or if you just want flooring that can combat the daily trials and tribulations of family life – without dispensing on style – then Unnatural Flooring could be for you.


Even bathrooms!

For more information or to view samples for yourself, please call into our shop in Woodbridge or contact us here to book your completely free and no-obligation in-home consultation.

We're sure, once you've experienced Unnatural Flooring, you'll be celebrating the synthetic too.


Watch The Carpet Guy (aka Darrell Smith) talking about Unnatural Flooring here.