Thirty-Five Acts of Kindness for Five Charities aka #35for35


Last month we celebrated 35 years' in business, so we threw a party at the shop for our customers, suppliers, friends and family. Kicking off at 6pm on 10th of April, guests were welcomed by the smell of Leigh Catering’s tasty Mediterranean food being cooked on site. With more people arriving by the minute, the shop quickly turned into a party.

Watch the Archway Carpets Birthday Video Here

The night came to an end, but the celebrations continue. Working closely with Jo Revitt of The Papworth Trust, Darrell wished to further acknowledge Archway Carpets 35 years' by carrying out 35 acts of kindness for 5 charities over the coming year.

The charities are The Papworth Trust; Age UK Suffolk; Emmaus-Ipswich; Rubbish Walks & CALM.


Darrell with his wife Vicki

Along with donating money to each charity, Darrell immediately got on with the business of raising money. He put a Pennies for Papworth jar in the shop which – we're told – is filling up nicely. Staying with Papworth Darrell signed up for a 12-mile walk as part of the Orwell Challenge. With the Marketing Department coming on board too, we'll ensure the day is recorded for posterity.


Pennies for Papworth jar

Darrell's next venture is less of an act but more of an ongoing commitment by taking up a directorship for Jason Alexander's Rubbish Walks charity.

For those not familiar with the charity it is a social enterprise created to highlight the issues of single use plastics, litter and waste. The full story of how it came about is here. Essentially, Jason and his volunteers (Darrell included) collect rubbish off beaches, outside hospitals and in rural locations.

The work carried out by Rubbish Walks was recognised recently by the Prime Minister who sent Jason a letter stating 'Through 'Rubbish Walks', you are highlighting the terrible impact that plastic and cigarette butts are having on coastal environments, and inspiring people in your local community to take action.'

Working with Jason, Darrell will plan ways to develop a charity's services, generate income and raise awareness of its work.


Jason Alexander of Rubbish Walks

We are at the very beginning of this exciting journey, so we expect to be sharing news with you soon on the other charities involved. Darrell is setting up fundraising pages for each of the five charities. Once they are live, we will share these on all of Archway Carpets' social media channels with the hashtag #35for35.