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At Archway Carpets, we take environmental concerns very seriously and whenever we can use and supply products that are recycled or can be. We believe it is our responsibility, corporately and as individuals, to do anything we can to protect our planet.

We take inspiration, like most, from programmes like Blue Planet 2, which explored the world’s oceans last year. In the series, David Attenborough highlighted the issue of plastic in our seas. The majority of it is single-use; items like water bottles, fast food containers etc. So significant is the problem, it is having a destructive effect on the ocean’s eco-system and harming sea life.


Jason Alexander of Rubbish Walks

Locally, here in Suffolk, Jason Alexander of Rubbish Walks is a vocal critic of single-use plastics. When not doing his day job as Wildlife Gadget Man, Jason is scouring Suffolk’s rivers and coastlines, with volunteers, collecting vast amounts of rubbish.

At Archway Carpets, we are continually thinking of ways to help the environment. The good thing however about a high-quality carpet, it can last years, even decades. If it is made using natural fibres like wool and plant-based fibres even better. These materials are biodegradable and don't require a lot of fertiliser and pesticides to produce.

Spring Bond Underlay

We know manufacturing, has a negative impact on the environment. Gaseous, liquid and solid waste are generated as a by-product of production. However, any waste produced making a carpet is offset mainly by its capacity to last a very long time. This avoids the need to regularly replace and put further pressure on the environment. Moreover, manufacturing is becoming greener with waste being reduced and recycled.

But what about the flooring products we cannot see? Underlay is the material underneath that protects and supports your carpet. Unfortunately, in the past, little consideration was given to the environment. Underlay manufacturing used a lot of oils, manmade products that either disintegrated into powder after years of use or was virtually unrecyclable. It is encouraging then that companies like Interfloor with their underlay brand Duralay; Textfelt’s Spring Bond and Carpenter’s Greenstep are leading the way with greener products and manufacturing.


Crumb Rubber & Polyurethane Foam by Interfloor

Although production methods and materials vary from company to company, they are united in making their manufacturing processes as green as possible. The aim is to include as many recyclable materials in the underlay; often between 75% to 85%. Spring Bond, for example, use PET bottles (bottles made of polyethene terephthalate) and other single-use plastics to make their underlay whereas Interfloor manufacture most of their underlays from recycled car tyres, called crumb rubber. The focus is not just on production. As Carpenter confirm on their site, all ‘underlays are fully recyclable at the end of their life’ as are both of our other brands.


Rendlesham Forest: Keeping it Green

It is encouraging to see companies, in flooring and elsewhere, taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. As individuals, we can help too. We can demand greener products from our suppliers; ensure the waste we produce is recyclable and take steps to avoid using single-use plastic. We can be forgiven for sometimes feeling, as individuals, we’re not making a difference. The truth is, together we can. Together we can protect our planet.

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