Keep the wow factor in your wool carpets for longer

With all the choice of colours, design and patterns on the carpet market, it is easy to pick the best colour to match your decoration and colour scheme at home. But what material should the carpet be made from?

WOW Carpets

A new carpet is an investment and to make sure you get the best value for you money, wool is recommended as the best material for carpets. Due to wool’s natural properties, it is strong and resilient - the fibres have a natural bounce back, maintaining the appearance for longer. Not only is wool easy to care for, it is also soft and warm – and the sheep agree on this! It is one of the most eco-friendly types of carpet fibre currently used. Another largely unknown fact is that wool is naturally fire retardant so it is safe as well.

To promote the WOW factor of wool carpets the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW) has been launched. At Archway Carpets we stock Kingsmead and Georgian Carpets - two of the manufactures that are taking part. This warranty will increase the life of your wool carpet by promoting basic care and also offering direct contact with professional cleaners. So if the worst was to happen in the first year and a stain happened, this will be cleaned free of charge by a professional, qualified to Wool Safe standards, technician. Working with Rob Reeve and his team at UK Carpet Care, you can keep your wool carpets and rugs looking wonderful for longer! Due to the natural properties of wool, 99% of a stain can be removed if dealt with correctly. This is in contrast to the harsh bleach based carpet cleaning products available in the supermarket.

The WOW scheme is easily recognised by the logo and there is an easy online registration. The team at Archway Carpets can help you find the best WOW carpet for you. Whether you choose wool, man-made fibres or vinyl we have 30 Years of experience at our fingertips, to give you a lifetime of carpeted pleasure under your feet.

Darrell Smith is the owner of Archway Carpets. You can visit them at; email them on; telephone them on 01394 386684 or visit them in their comprehensive showroom at 7 Church Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1DS