Handy Hints for carpet cleaning from archway carpets in Woodbridge

Regular vacuuming once a week is enough to maintain the good quality of your carpets and rugs.

Vacuums with rotary beater bars are NOT good for wool & wool mix carpets and rugs.

Avoid vacuuming with hose nozzle around the skirting boards as it pulls loose deposits from the wall and the floorboards through the carpet treating it like a filter collecting unnecessary debris.

Clearing Liquid Stain Spillage – using kitchen roll, blot the area and keep blotting until all residue is removed. Then using a spray of warm water, lightly soak the area to lift the remains of the spillage and blot again with the kitchen roll until it is clear. Do not scrub at any time.

Clearing Solid Stain Spillage (food etc) – Using a clean kitchen spatula or something similar, scrape the spillage up, making sure to wipe clean the utensil after each scrape.  Once the bulk is removed, use a spray of warm water and blot with kitchen roll as above.

Oil, Red wine & Paint Spillages – You can soak and blot again but we advise you seek advice from a professional cleaner.

Baby-wipes – Always keep baby-wipes available in the house for to deal with small stains quickly such as yoghurt, animal mess and small muddy marks.  Use the wipe to lift the mess away from the carpet rather than rubbing it in.

Large Muddy Footprints – Scrape away the top layer as mentioned before, leave it to dry out and then vacuum away.  Do not add water to this type of stain.

With manufacturer backing, we offer 7-15 years warranty on selected ranges of our products, subject to Terms & Conditions.

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